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Our studio is operating on an appointment only basis, at this time.

To book an appointment, reach out directly to the artist with whom you are interested in working. If you are unsure, or flexible, in which artist you’d like to work with, please use our contact form or call the studio to speak with someone directly and we can help you set an appointment.

Things to consider before getting a tattoo are: subject material, placement on your body, size of the tattoo, and motivation for getting tattooed. When you reach out to an artist, be sure to include photos or references you have. This helps your artist get a sense for what you are interested in and provides a good starting point for discussing ideas and creating a design.

While it’s essential to come in with some ideas about your tattoo, it’s equally as important to have flexibility in the process and allow your artist to make suggestions/ recommendations and bring a level of their own creativity to the design.

If you have a particular artist in mind, you can reach out to them directly by email. You can find their email in the artists profile section. Be sure to include any reference images you have to help convey your ideas, as well as, details about placement, size, and style. A non-refundable deposit is required to secure an appointment time. Your deposit is then credited toward the final cost of the work you are having done on the day of your appointment (or final session, for larger projects).

If you do not have a particular artist in mind, or are flexible in who you’d like to work with, you can reach out through our contact form or call the studio to speak with someone and we can assist you in booking an appointment.

You MUST be 18 years old.

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