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Links to artist portfolios can be found on our artists page. If you are unsure, or flexible in, which artist you’d like to work with, please use our contact form or call the studio and we can help get you to the right person.

When researching an artist, you may find that their books are closed. This means that they are currently not accepting new inquires, but will start accepting them upon opening their books. We recommend keeping an eye on their Instagram for updates or contacting the shop to learn about their timeline. You do not need an Instagram account in order to view the artists’ bios, all bios are public.

When an artist’s books are open, they will provide a link to an online booking form in their Instagram bio. This form will request information including SIZE (in inches), LOCATION/ BODY PART, DESCRIPTION OF YOUR IDEA, STYLE, and ANY REFERENCE IMAGES you may have to help convey your ideas. Having this information prepared prior to their books opening will help streamline the process.

A non-refundable deposit is required to secure an appointment.

A deposit will be required to schedule an appointment. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE between artists. On the day of your appointment, the deposit will go towards the cost of the tattoo. If a tattoo requires multiple appointments, the deposit will remain on file with us, and go towards the final cost of the tattoo upon its completion. 

Your deposit may be retained if you cancel within 48 hours, cancel two or more times, or no-show an appointment. Please CALL or TEXT the shop and EMAIL your artist directly to cancel. We do not accept social media as a valid form of communication to cancel. 

Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you are going to be late, please call the shop before your scheduled appointment time. Arriving 15+ minutes past your scheduled appointment time may result in rescheduling of your appointment and the retention of your deposit. 

We recommend cash payments at the time of your appointment.

We do offer walk-ins on set days and times. These days are reserved for designs that may be done in about an hour or less. To learn about our upcoming walk-in availability, please call or email the shop directly.

If you are feeling sick at all or need to reschedule your appointment, please contact your artist as soon as possible so we can roll your deposit over to the next appointment time. A no call, no show to an appointment will forfeit your deposit. We do not accept social media messages as a valid form of communication to cancel an appointment. Email your artist directly!

PROCEDURES on the day of your appointment:

1. When arriving at the studio, enter the front door into our lobby. If you require a handicap accessible entrance, please call ahead so proper accommodations can be prepared. Free parking for clients only is provided behind the building.

2. We encourage you to come alone as space is limited. Visitors and guests are generally unable to be in the artist’s room during the appointment. They are, however, welcome to wait in our lobby area or our garden outside.

3. Please limit your personal items to a purse or small bag.

4. Bring a water bottle and a small snack.

Other helpful tips for getting tattooed:

1. Limit your consumption of coffee and other caffeinated beverages.

2. Eat a hardy meal before coming in for your appointment to avoid dizziness or a drop in your blood sugar.

3. We will clean the area to be tattooed, but we recommend / appreciate overall cleanliness.

4. Dress in clothing that is comfortable and easy to maneuver when you are getting tattooed.

5. Be sure to bring your ID and method of payment. Cash payments encouraged.

6. Masks are no longer required, but are happily accommodated upon request.

We offer tattoo services ONLY (no piercings, no cosmetic tattoos). We do not provide tattoo services for lips or genitals. Tattoo requests for hands, neck, or face will require an in-person consultation. 

Feel free to browse our lobby for local art, shop swag, and immaculate vibes!

You must be at least 18 years old to get tattooed. 

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