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To book an appointment, we recommend reaching out directly to the artist with whom you are interested in working. Links to artist portfolios and email addresses can be found on our artists page. If you are unsure, or flexible in, which artist you’d like to work with, please use our contact form or call the studio and we can help get you to the right person.

When contacting an artist, please include information about your idea including SIZE (in inches or centimeters), LOCATION/ BODY PART, DESCRIPTION OF YOUR IDEA, STYLE, and ANY REFERENCE IMAGES you may have to help convey your ideas. This helps your artist get a sense for what you are interested in and provides a good starting point for discussing ideas and creating a design.

A non-refundable deposit is required to secure an appointment.

A deposit will be required to schedule an appointment. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE between artists. On the day of your appointment, the deposit will go towards the cost of the tattoo. If a tattoo requires multiple appointments, the deposit will remain on file with us, and go towards the final cost during the final session. 

Cancelling within 48 hours, cancelling two or more times, or no-showing an appointment may result in the retention of your deposit. Please CALL or TEXT the shop and EMAIL your artist directly to cancel. We do not accept social media as a valid form of communication to cancel. 

Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you are going to be late, please call the shop before your scheduled appointment time. Arriving 15+ minutes past your scheduled appointment time may result in rescheduling of your appointment and the retention of your deposit. 

Our studio is operating on a majority appointment basis. Walk-in availability will be posted on our shop’s Instagram or on the artist’s Instagram. You may also call or email the shop to inquire about upcomming walk-in availability.

If you are feeling sick at all or need to reschedule your appointment, please contact your artist as soon as possible so we can roll your deposit over to the next appointment time. A no call, no show to an appointment would forfeit your deposit. We do not accept social media messages as a valid form of communication to cancel an appointment. Email your artist directly!

NEW PROCEDURES on the day of your appointment:

1. When arriving at the studio, enter the front door into our lobby. 

2. Everyone in the studio will be required to wear a mask at all times, while indoors. Please bring a mask with you or we will have some for purchase.

3. For the safety of our clients and staff, we will be conducting verbal screening for illnesses or potential exposure to Covid-19 when you arrive at the studio.

4. Please come to your appointment alone. No visitors or guests will be allowed at this time.

5. Please limit your personal items to a purse or small bag.

6. Bring a water bottle and a small snack.

Other helpful tips for getting tattooed:

1. Limit your consumption of coffee and other caffeinated beverages.

2. Eat a hardy meal before coming in for your appointment to avoid dizziness or a drop in your blood sugar.

3. We will clean the area to be tattooed, but we recommend / appreciate overall cleanliness.

4. Dress in clothing that is comfortable and easy to maneuver when you are getting tattooed.

5. Be sure to bring your ID and method of payment. We accept cash, card, and Apple Pay.

In addition to our normal blood borne pathogens/ sterilization procedures, we have added the following procedures to help insure the health and safety of our clients, staff, and community during COVID 19: 

1. We are operating by appointment only – NO walk ins. Consultations and booking appointments all happen directly with artists, via email.

2. Masks are mandatory inside the building by all staff and clients.

3. All clients must come to their appointment alone. This helps us keep the number of people in the studio to a minimum.

4. Artists work in separate rooms to allow maximum social distancing between clients who may be getting tattooed at the same time.

5. Clients are asked to use hand sanitizer / wash hands upon arrival and before getting started with their artist.

6. Our lobby and all commonly touched areas (door handles/ bathroom sink/ etc) are wiped down with madacide in between each client.

7. Our consent forms can now be completed from your own personal device (phone or iPad), eliminating the need to touch a communal device/ screen.

8. Both staff and clients are screened for symptoms upon arrival at the studio.

We offer tattoo services ONLY (no piercings, no cosmetic tattoos).

You must be 18 years old to get tattooed. 

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